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The lobbyThe lobby

The lobby

Enter my wonderful Miami studio facilities directly in the lobby. Our lobby features beautiful, soft natural lighting which spreads across the entire room. You can have a seat on our comfortable leather sofa or one of our luxurious single chairs while you view our 55-inch, LED panel HD tv. Don't feel like watching any tv? Cool, no problem. Flip through one of our many fashion or luxury magazines while you wait. You will be soon assited with pleasure by myself or one of my agents.

Main Office

Main Office

The main office belongs to the CEO, Marvin Henderson. This is the place that Marvin spends the least of his time, as he is mostly busy performing duties of one of his many other hats of business. It's also the place where you will most likely become one of our clients. Schedule a meeting so you can come in and speak with us about your project. Maybe we can help share some of your ideas.

Conference RoomConference Room

Conference Room

Walk inside of the Conference Room, this is where our creative team come together to discuss new trends and opportunities pertaining to the business. This is also where you will sit down and discuss new ideas for your project when we partner together to grow your business. In our conference room we have magazines spread across the table with one of our photographers published in each one, i bet you cant guess the ad! While enjoying a read help yourself to one of our healthy snacks or a fine Nespresso Coffee complimentry on us of course.

Design StudioDesign Studio

Design Studio

Walk to our design studio and you will notice the beautiful orchids on each desk. During the weekdays these desk are filled with our creative team. We also provide Netflix and sports shows on a 55-inch, LED panel HD tv in the Design Studio as well. Flip on one of our three, PS3 consoles if you're feeling a little competitive. Here at Wonderzoo we enjoy everyone who steps through the door to feel like they're at home, so our facility provides a full bathroom stocked with body soaps and hair products.

Full Bathroom

Full Bathroom

Remember that full bath we were just talking about above? At Wonderzoo Media we hope everyone feels as comfortable as they do at home. We provide all the essientials, just enjoy a nice hot shower and spa like shower head in our updated full bath.



Completely functional, our kitchen must be the most popular room in house. When we throw barbeque parties for all of our friends and family the kitchen is packed with all kinds of people including our vegetarian CEO who makes a mean beef burger. Our wine fridge is usually stocked with wine and champagne for those celebatory nights. We also have complientary sparkling water and italian beer stocked. Go ahead make yourself at home.

Music Recording StudioMusic Recording Studio

Music Recording Studio

This full service production facility is capable of film, video, and multi-track audio services. Brought to life by Marvin Henderson's love for music, he and his brother built this studio by scratch. There's nothing like a professionally recorded song produced with quality gear and a dedicated engineer in an acoustically sound environment.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup

Any girl is bound to be excited by this next space. Our hair and makeup studio features, four makeup stations complete with day light balanced LED bulbs for that perfect makeup application. Our plush, hair salon quality chairs are sure to make you doze off while a makeup artist prepares you for your shoot. Dont get too comfy though, we still have many more rooms to visit on this tour!

Reading RoomReading Room

Reading Room

Make a quick stop to our library, the quietest room in house. You can have a seat on our comfortable chaise lounge chair while you engage in one of our many educational books or gossip magazines.

Photo/Video StudioPhoto/Video Studio

Photo/Video Studio

Enter our large photo/video studio, at 18 ft tall our photo studio is filled with props such as colored backdrops, beautiful renaissance leather chairs, flowers, chandeliers and many other props you might catch in my photos. Our most new and exciting equiptment has to be our Phantom drone which is capable of flying 6000 m in the air.

Editing BayEditing Bay

Editing Bay

If you’ve ever wondered what a professional editing bay looks like, then this round up of photos should give you a great insiders look! If you want to be able to look even closer take a trip down to our studio to watch us play with some of our professional applications and editing equpitment.

White Cyc (Infinite)

White Cyc (Infinite)

One of our most noticeable attributes in our whole studio is the beatiful Cyclorama wall. In still photography, the advantage of a cyc background is the ability to make your background virtually 'disappear,' which leaves open a multitude of possibilties for lighting, and allows whatever product you are shooting to take center stage. This wall has been the backdrop for many projects our clients, and I have worked on.

Patio Garden

Along with the kitchen the backyard is the hot spot during events. We have comfortable seating throughout the back yard, a garden where we plant and grow fresh tomatoes, even a grill for our barbeque events.


Right around the corner from the photo/video studio you will see our gym with 22 feet ceilings our gym provides a focused, one on one physical fitness environment to do the exercise and workouts necessary to look and feel healthier. Founded by fitness guru Marvin Henderson, our gym provides specific workouts and personal training programs with an actual personal trainer. Our studio prides itself not only in being efficent but also healthy.

Green ScreenGreen Screen

Green Screen

If you plan to do any visual fx and special effects while you are filming, a green screen is your best option to produce high-quality keying. Our green screen can be shot on from above and directly into because of our wonderful loft area just above it.


Our loft area is another nook of the studio we use to accomodate that warm, home feeling for all guest. The loft was originally a small theater used for movie nights after a long day of work. Now we transformed it into a cozy guest space.

Wardrobe & Dressing RoomsWardrobe & Dressing Rooms

Wardrobe & Dressing Rooms

Last but not least, we end the tour with the wardrobe room. Our stylist are constantly rearranging this room and updating our closet. We provide 3 dressing rooms, a full floor length mirror as well as plenty of props for models to wear in shoots.

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